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Available Services

Franchise Opportunities 

Includes, but is not limited to:

  • Inquire of the opportunities to have your own work from home business.  

  • All training will be provided including zoom meetings, zoom classes, in person training, with a rep coming to help you get your first couple clients to get going.  This includes anywhere in North America. - Worldwide opportunities are available.

  • Manage and organize all the details and budget.

  • All of your templates and back office ready to go. 

  • An array of tools for you, including sales call scripts, marketing tools and pamphlets, Business cards, email campaigns, budget and marketing plans.

  • Inquire for a detailed training plan and schedule.

  • Includes 3 software devices to get your well on your way to have a successful business

  • Continued customer support non stop with no expiry.

Indoor Billboards

TV Advertisement

Includes, but is not limited to:

Be Seen and Get Noticed

  • We will create a 10 - 20 second high- definition commercial to be played on our screens in your area.

  • This Commercial-Style ad will be played every 1.5 -2 min in every location. 

  • Your ad will be playing over 17,000 times per location. Thats over 100,000 times per month!

  • Ad changes are free through the Year on a year subscription.

Google My Business

Includes, but not limited to:

  •  Add and fix business info on up to 35 search engine listings.

  • Add or correct Google categories.

  • Adjust page according to key research.

  • Prevent malicious page edits.

  • Respond to reviews (twice per week).

Photo Campaign Management

  • Maintaining photo campaign designed for local search.

  • Photo optimization for local search.

Post Campaign Management

  • Weekly content boosting local authority.


Includes, but is not limited to:

  • Create a custom Commercial Campaign with a story board for your Concept.  

  • Manage and organize all the details and budget.

  • Hire all the necessary actors for the commercial.

  • We have a production team, that keeps everything on schedule and in budget.

  • Maintaining to be on budget.

  • Produce and edit the commercial for final review.

Sales & Marketing Workshops & Classes

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Workshops & Classes designed to train your staff on current relative information on Marketing or Sales. 

  • 5-20 min lectures in: Mindset, Influence, Know your Buyer, Discovery and what is the point, the Pitch, Closing, Navigating the End, Objection Handling, etc.

  • What you will learn is: 1. Foster the right mindset to confidently reach your sales goals. 2. Understand your prospect and the problems they're trying to solve. 3. Execute immaculate discovery to set yourself up for success. Plus Lots more!

  • Via Zoom meetings with reports given to management & employer.

  • Management and employer reports vary and are designed to share, improve and implement all the information given.

  • Employers reports have more in depth details on the data shared, attendance, individuals in attendance with progress, recommendations on the areas to work on for improvement.


A proposal will be developed based on client’s needs.  All websites will include at minimum:

  • Custom graphic design and layout to match your brand.

  • Responsive design to fit any screen from desktop to mobile.

  • Google Analytics to track customer patterns and traffic.


Website Management & Updates

  • Page updates, edits, photo changes.

  • only available on websites we have built. New pages or functionality

may require additional fee.*

Reputation Management


  • Notification of reviews from Google, Facebook & Yelp.

  • (Optional) Respond to reviews, directing unsatisfied customers 

        to an email or phone of your choice.



  • Generate reviews with a provided customer email database

  • Filter negative responses and send positive experiences to the

       review page of your choice.

Business Advice

Includes, but is not limited to:

  • One on One integration and in depth look and strategic planing.

  • Advice and tips on business ideas and/or strategies.

  • Implement a plan of engagement.

Social Media Advertising

Includes, but is not limited to:

  • Customized ad campaigns.

  • Ads formatted to two sizes for Facebook and for Instagram.

  • Creating a 5 second video ad.

  • Packages begin at 5 ads up to 25.

  • Eye catching content.

  • If purchased w/ the Social Media Page Management you will receive 50% off.

Email Campaigns

Includes, but is not limited to:

  • Managing client’s account

       (Mail Chimp, Constant Contact or                other).

  • Create, design and push campaigns.

  • Create content for client to send themselves.

Social Media Page Management

Includes, but is not limited to:

  • Maintaining look/feel of your social media pages.

  • Design and create cover photos, badge, event covers.

  • Content strategy and posting schedule. 

  • Hashtag research.

  • Acknowledging mentions and crossposting. 

  • Services done with intent of retargeting.



Reach More Customers with Location-Based Marketing. Includes:

  • Create a Geofencing Marketing Campaign to target your customers.

  • Creating a Geofence around your area and designated preferences. Accurate down to less than a foot.

  • Display your ads: both through our indoor billboards, and when someone walks into the geofence with their mobile device.  Tagged devices will receive ads for the next 30 days.

  • Track your results:  We track and report the number of people who have clicked on or viewed your ad, as well as the number of people who saw your ad and then physically visited your venue.


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