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Media Strategy...

Many Small Business Owners do their business within a given radius of their establishment because that is where their customer base is.


As consumers we tend to stay in a given area where we live or work to do our shopping, dining, exercising and personal needs.

Small Businesses know the majority of their revenue comes from repeat business and a good portion of new business comes from word of mouth or referrals.


The question is how do you stay top of mind outside your store?

  • By advertising on our Indoor Digital Billboards

  • Becoming a Host of our Indoor Billboards.

  • Being promoted through our social media.

  • Having Social Media and Ads created by IBD Media.

  • Ad Campaigns through Geofencing

  • Being Relevant with Google My Business

  • Having a very strong internet presence through social media and website.

We are your Digital Media answer... Call Us Today. 604.560.3773

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