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"It's  a no brainer!  I love my commercial and seeing it on the Tv."

                                                   - Leslie Hoefer, Owner


"Customers always mention that they see the ads, as well as the additional ads that are on the tvs, and the trivia section. Very happy with what is currently in the loop for them."

                              - J D, Manager


"I'm absolutely happy with the tv and ads.  I would recommend this and have to Trampoline Zone, and others.  Christine, my sales rep has an amazing attitude, and I am very happy with IBD Media."

                                                            - Christie Jaquette, Owner


"Really good ad and a great deal.  I have seen our 

outside ad playing at Gluten Free Angel's and am very happy with it as well.  Christine Berezan, is our sales rep and is amazing.  Was a simple process getting the set up done, Christine is always available.  System went down at 8:30 pm and she picked up right away and got it back online quickly.  I would recommend IBD Media."

                                                            - Justin, Manager


"I am happy with my ad and the screen. Our sales rep Christine is really good, she's wonderful and a sweetheart. I love it and don't want to change anything, as it looks really good. I love that people waiting for the hairdressers have something to watch. I would recommend IBD Media."

                     - Shahid Masood, Owner


"I am happy with my ad and the screen. I have recommended IBD Media and love all our commercials & Ads."

                                       - Efrem Oliver, Manager


"I am happy with all my ads and the big Tv being there is eye catching.  Christine is awesome, she's been terrific.  I would recommend IBD Media, for sure."

                                     - Wendy Wiseman: Owner


"I like my ad and the tv.  I'd recommend  IBD Media for sure. Christine is our rep and is good, call her."

                -Tina Quach: Owner


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